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Gambar Konvo "Rumah Penyembuhan"

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Rape And Incest (Rogol Bukan Zina)

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(Dalam Islam hukum zina dan rogol adalah berbeza. Zina bermaksud melakukan persetubuhan luar nikah secara sukarela. 4 saksi diperlukan sebelum hukum dapat dilakukan. Rogol ialah perkosaan justeru ia berbeza dengan zina. Ia termasuk dalam hukum hirabah atau keganasan. Wanita yang menjadi mangsa berhak menuntut haknya tanpa memerlukan saksi yang empat. Artikel di bawah ini memperincikan tentangnya.)

FROM: Rape and Incest: Islamic Perspective by Uzma Mazhar, 2002 ( Abridged version of this article published in the September issue of "Islamic Reflections 2002"....

INCEST and rape are not new in this day and age; these problems have always existed and will continue to exist if not confronted face on. If you have ever worked with an incest, sexual abuse or rape survivor you will never be able to forget the devastating impact it has on all aspects of their life, nor will you be able to sit back and do nothing about this issue. These are serious crimes that corrode the fabric of family and society and cannot go un-addressed, since these problems do exist in Muslim families it is about time that we address it openly and take action to put an end to it. To fully understand this issue we need to examine what Islam teaches us about the value of human life.

Islam views human life as a sacred gift from God. The Quran repeatedly stresses the sanctity of life (hormat al hayat). The life of every single individual regardless of gender, age, nationality or religion is worthy of respect. In verses referring to the sanctity of life, the term used is ‘nafs' (soul, life); and there is no distinction made in that soul being young or old, male or female, Muslim or non-Muslim.

Surah al An'am 6.151, "Do not take any human being's life, (the life) which God has declared to be sacred - otherwise than in (the pursuit of) justice: this has He enjoined upon you so that you might use your reason." (Also check sûrah al Isra 17.33 & Sûrah al Ma'idah 5.32)

Quranic teachings encompass every aspect of life; hence it does not limit the definition of life to the physical body only, but includes the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects as well. There are about 150 verses that define the term ‘nafs' in various ways making it clear that the concept of ‘life' is not limited to mere physical existence.

Historically, Islam has addressed serious issues openly and sought to correct actions that constitute harm or ‘zulm' (ie: cruelty and abuse) to the dignity of humankind. Human life and respect for it has been stressed unstintingly, regardless of age or gender. As a general rule, Islam forbids all ‘zulm', be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual: Surah al An'am 6.120, "Abandon all harm (ithm), whether committed openly or in secret." (Also check Sûrah al A`raf 7:33)

Sûrah al 49:11-12 points out categorically that emotionally abusive language and behavior is not acceptable. "You who believe do not let one (set of) people make fun of another set. Do not defame one another. Do not insult by using nicknames. And do not backbite or speak ill of one another."

In the last address to his community, the Prophet (saw) said: "Your lives and properties are forbidden to one another till you meet your Lord on the Day of Resurrection... Regard the life and property of every Muslim as a sacred trust... Hurt no one so that no one may hurt you... You will neither inflict nor suffer any inequity." The Prophet (saw) did not prohibit only the unlawful encroachment of one another's life and property, but also honor and respect.

Considering that human life is to be valued and cruelty is forbidden, what is the Islamic perspective on incest and rape?

According to Islam, a woman has to be respected and protected under all circumstances, whether she belongs to your own nation or to the nation of an enemy, whether she follows your religion or belongs to some other religion or has no religion at all. A Muslim cannot outrage her under any circumstances. All promiscuous relationships have been forbidden to him, irrespective of the status or position of the woman, whether the woman is a willing or an unwilling partner to the act.

The words of the Holy Quran in this respect are: "Do not approach (the bounds of) adultery". (17:32). Heavy punishment has been prescribed for this crime, and the order has not been qualified by any conditions. Since the violation of chastity of a woman is forbidden in Islam, a Muslim who perpetrates this crime cannot escape punishment (Maududi).

The Quran has, in various ways and in different contexts; impressed on men that they must observe the limits set by God (Hudûd Allah) in respect to women and must not encroach upon their rights in either marriage or divorce. In all situations it is the men who are reminded, corrected and reprimanded, over and over again, to be generous to women and to be kind, compassionate, fair and just in their dealings with women. Even in divorce, when the chances of anger and vindictiveness are high, it is stressed that men are to separate with grace, equity and generosity.

Forbidding cruelty against children and women is apparent from rulings against female infanticide and rights of inheritance given even to an unborn child; and the kindness mandated even when divorcing your wife. There are numerous hadith about the rights of children to respect and dignity. The same holds true for respect and the unprecedented rights given to women.

Relevant verses from the Quran, surah an-Nisa 4.119, "O you who believe! You are forbidden to inherit women against their will."

Surah an-Nûr 24.33, "And do not, in order to gain some of the fleeting pleasures of this worldly life, coerce your slave women into whoredom if they are desirous of marriage, and if anyone should coerce them, then, verily, after they have been compelled (to submit in their helplessness), God will be much forgiving, a dispenser of grace (to them)."

During the time of the Prophet (saw) punishment was inflicted on the rapist on the solitary evidence of the woman who was raped by him. Wa'il ibn Hujr reports of an incident when a woman was raped. Later, when some people came by, she identified and accused the man of raping her. They seized him and brought him to Allah's messenger, who said to the woman, "Go away, for Allah has forgiven you," but of the man who had raped her, he said, "Stone him to death." (Tirmizi and Abu Dawud)

Islamic legal scholars interpret rape as a crime in the category of Hirabah. In ‘Fiqh-us-Sunnah', hirabah is described as: "A single person or group of people causing public disruption, killing, forcibly taking property or money, attacking or raping women (hatk al ‘arad), killing cattle, or disrupting agriculture".

The famous jurist, Ibn Hazm, had the widest definition of hirabah, defining a hirabah offender as: "One who puts people in fear on the road, whether or not with a weapon, at night or day, in urban areas or in open spaces, in the palace of a caliph or a mosque, with or without accomplices, in the desert or in the village, in a large or small city, with one or more people... making people fear that they'll be killed, or have money taken, or be raped (hatk al ‘arad)... whether the attackers are one or many".

Al-Dasuqi held that if a person forced a woman to have sex, his actions would be deemed as committing hirabah. In addition, the Maliki judge Ibn ‘Arabi, relates a story in which a group was attacked and a woman in their party was raped. Responding to the argument that the crime did not constitute hiraba because no money was taken and no weapons used, Ibn ‘Arabi replied indignantly that "hirabah with the private parts" is much worse than hirabah involving the taking of money, and that anyone would rather be subjected to the latter than the former.

The crime of rape is classified not as a subcategory of ‘zina' (consensual adultery), but rather as a separate crime of violence under hirabah. This classification is logical, as the "taking" is of the victim's property (the rape victim's sexual autonomy) by force. In Islam, sexual autonomy and pleasure is a fundamental right for both women and men (Ghazâlî); taking by force someone's right to control the sexual activity of one's body is thus a form of hirabah.

Rape as hirabah is a violent crime that uses sexual intercourse as a weapon. The focus in a hirabah prosecution is the accused rapist and his intent and physical actions, and not second-guessing the consent of the rape victim. Hirabah does not require four witnesses to prove the offense, circumstantial evidence, medical data and expert testimony form the evidence used to prosecute such crimes.

Islamic legal responses to rape are not limited to a criminal prosecution for hirabah. Islamic jurisprudence also provides an avenue for civil redress for a rape survivor in its law of ‘jirah' (wounds). Islamic law designates ownership rights to each part of one's body, and a right to corresponding compensation for any harm done unlawfully to any of those parts. Islamic law calls this the ‘law of jirah' (wounds). Harm to a sexual organ, therefore, entitles the person harmed to appropriate financial compensation under classical Islamic jirah jurisprudence. Each school of Islamic law has held that where a woman is harmed through sexual intercourse (some include marital intercourse), she is entitled to financial compensation for the harm. Further, where this intercourse was without the consent of the woman, the perpetrator must pay the woman both the basic compensation for the harm, as well as an additional amount based on the ‘diyat' (financial compensation for murder, akin to a wrongful death payment).

Islamic law, with its radical introduction of a woman's right to own property as a fundamental right, employs a gender-egalitarian attitude in this area of jurisprudence. In fact, there is a hadith specifically directed to transforming the early Muslim population out of this patriarchal attitude of male financial compensation for female sexual activity. During the time of Prophet Muhammad, a young man committed zina with his employer's wife. The father of the young man gave one hundred goats and a maid as compensation to the employer, who accepted it. When the case was reported to the Prophet, he ordered the return of the goats and the maid to the young man's father and prosecuted the adulterer for zina (Abu Daud 1990, 3: Bk. 33, No. 4430; Bukhâri 1985, 8:Bk. 81, Nos. 815, 821, 826).

Early Islam thus established that there should be no tolerance of the attitude that a woman's sexual activity is something to be bartered, pawned, gossiped about, or owned by the men in her life. Personal responsibility of every human being for their own actions is a fundamental principle in Islamic thought.

Incest & Child Abuse

The Quran clearly outlines those with whom marriage is not permitted, we can extrapolate from it that any sexual relation with these would be unacceptable.

Sûrah an Nisa 4:23: "Prohibited for you (in marriage) are your mothers, your daughters, your sisters, the sisters of your fathers, the sisters of your mothers, the daughters of your brother, the daughters of your sister, your nursing mothers, the girls who nursed from the same woman as you, the mothers of your wives, the daughters of your wives with whom you have consummated the marriage - if the marriage has not been consummated, you may marry the daughter. Also prohibited for you are the women who were married to your genetic sons. Also, you shall not be married to two sisters at the same time - but do not break up existing marriages. GOD is Forgiver, Most Merciful."

This includes your foster parents, siblings and children.

Al-Hasan reports: "If somebody commits illegal intercourse with his sister, his punishment is the same as for any other person who commits such a crime". (Bukhâri Vol. 8 pp 526)
Thus, these same laws mentioned above in cases of rape would be equally applicable, and incest can be prosecuted as a crime within the bounds of Islamic law.

According to Islam, all aspects of life, ie: the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, are sacred and must be respected. No gender or relationship has been given the power or right to hurt or harm the other. Domestic violence, rape and incest are all violent and criminal abuses that are outside the bounds of what is permitted in Islam and there is absolutely no justification for it whatsoever.

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From, Are Raped Women Punished in Islam?, Kamal Badr, 26 Nov. 2007 (Kamal Badr is Editor-in-chief of's English website., formerly the head of Fatwa English Section - , M.A on ‘modes of reparation - comparative study between shari'a and international law', post graduate diploma on ‘Islamic legal politics' (al-siyasah al-shari'ah) 1993-96, LLB Faculty of Law and Shari'a, al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt, 1987-1992)

As the question mostly revolves around raped women, I would confine my answer to that point, without delving into the issue of punishing the rapist, on which there is no controversy that if it is proven, beyond reasonable doubt, that he is guilty of the crime, he will serve the punishment.But I would like to make it clear that this crime can be proved either by confession or testimony or even through any modern means, thanks for the great revolution that has taken place in the field of science. This has made it easier for criminal experts to lay their hands on clear evidence that paves way for justice to run its course.

So what I am trying to say is that, contrary to what some Westerners claim, the issue is not just "bring four witnesses or set the accused free". Shari`ah is not a legal system that keeps itself away from realities of life. Rather, it is practical in the sense that its mechanism of justice operates in a quite flexible way that makes all its precepts and rulings applicable at all time. Anyway, as I have said, I will not go into details on that now.Moving to your question. Yes, sister, raped women are not punished in Islam. What punishment? This is like saying that a person robbed of his property should be punished..........................

Muslim scholars are unanimous on this. They maintain that any woman, who, despite doing her utmost to resist these thugs and their ilk, is raped, is not guilty of any sin. This is since the situation is beyond her control, and anyone who is forced to do something is not guilty of sin. This is even in the case of disbelief, which is worse than zina (sex out of marriage), as Allah says what means: "{... except him who is forced thereto and whose heart is at rest with faith}". (An-Nahl 16: 106)

The Prophet said: "Allah has forgiven for my Ummah for their mistakes, what they forget and what they are forced to do."

In showing reaction to this heinous crime, Islam takes into consideration the terrible effects it has on its victims. Most rape victims have their self-esteem diminished after an assault or abuse, driving them to be hunted by frequent shame, humiliation and loss of control..... This situation may even exacerbate to the point of making rape victims find it difficult to be intimate with others. That is why Islam lays down certain strategies, which all in all, aim at soothing the rape victim, opening for her new channels of hope and survival.

From, Punishment for Rapists, Dr. Ahmad Yusuf Sulaiman, 22 Feb. 2007 (Dr. Ahmad Yusuf Sulaiman is Professor of Law and Islamic Shariah at Cairo University)
Islamically speaking, the raped woman is not guilty of any sin because she was forced to it beyond her control. Stressing this, the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) is reported to have said, "Allah has forgiven my Ummah for their mistakes, what they forget and what they are forced to do." Thus, the raped woman is a victim and all members of her community should deal with her with honor and kindness and should encourage her to obtain her rights through all possible means.

Dr. Ahmad Yusuf Sulaiman, professor of law and Islamic Shari`ah at Cairo University says, "If a woman is raped, she should press charges against the one who raped her. If it is proved that she was raped, then the court must apply discretionary punishment or ta`zir on the rapist. Such discretionary punishment may reach the death penalty, according to some schools of thought. This is based wholly on the fact that the rape is confirmed through medical tests and court procedures, without the confession of the rapist himself.

In cases where the rapist confesses the crime, then the penalty for zina (illegitimate sexual intercourse) is to be applied to him. If he is not married, then he is to be whipped 100 lashes. If he is married, then he is to be stoned to death.

As for the rape victim, no punishment is to be inflicted on her. She is to be treated with dignity and honor, and all forms of help should be given to her to gain her rights."
From, Islamic Punishment for Rape, Sheikh Muhammad Saleh Al-Munajjid (a Saudi Scholar), 12 Sep. 2005

Rape is an abhorrent crime and an abominable sin. This heinous crime is forbidden not only in Islam but in all religions, and all people of sound thinking and pure human nature reject it. The prominent Saudi Islamic lecturer and author Sheikh Muhammad Saleh Al-Munajjid states the following:

The Arabic word ightisab (rape) refers to taking something wrongfully by force. It is now used exclusively to refer to transgression against the honor of women by force. This is an abhorrent crime that is forbidden in all religions and in the minds of all wise people and those who possess sound human nature. All earthly systems and laws regard this action as abhorrent and impose the strictest penalties on it.

Islam has a clear stance which states that this repugnant action is haram (forbidden) and imposes a deterrent punishment on the one who commits it.

Islam closes the door to the criminal who wants to commit this crime. Western studies have shown that most rapists are already criminals who commit their crimes under the influence of alcohol and drugs, and they take advantage of the fact that their victims are walking alone in isolated places or staying in the house alone. These studies also show that what the criminals watch on the media and the semi-naked styles of dress in which women go out also lead to the commission of this reprehensible crime.

The laws of Islam came to protect women's honor and modesty. Islam forbids women to wear clothes that are not modest. In addition, Islam encourages young men and women to marry early, and many other rulings that close the door before rape and other crimes. Hence it comes as no surprise when we hear or read that most of these crimes occur in permissive societies, which are looked up to by some Muslims as examples of civilization and refinement! It is worth mentioning here that in America , for example, Amnesty International stated in a 2004 report entitled "Stop Violence Against Women" that every 90 seconds a woman was raped during that year.

The punishment for rape in Islam is the same as the punishment for zina (adultery or fornication), which is stoning if the perpetrator is married, and one hundred lashes and banishment for one year if he is not married.

Moreover, Ibn `Abdul-Barr (may Allah bless his soul) said ‘The scholars are unanimously agreed that the rapist is to be subjected to the hadd punishment if there is clear evidence against him that he deserves the hadd punishment, or if he admits to that. Otherwise, he is to be punished (that is, if there is no proof that the hadd punishment for zina may be carried out against him because he does not confess and there are not four witnesses, then the judge may punish him and stipulate a punishment that will deter him and others like him). There is no punishment for the woman if it is true that he forced her and overpowered her'. (Al-Istidhkaar, 7/146)
In addition, the rapist is subject to the hadd punishment for zina, even if the rape was not carried out at knifepoint or gunpoint. If the use of a weapon was threatened, then he is a muharib, and is to be subjected to the hadd punishment described in the verse in which Allah says (The recompense of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger and do mischief in the land is only that they shall be killed or crucified or their hands and their feet be cut off from opposite sides, or be exiled from the land. That is their disgrace in this world, and a great torment is theirs in the Hereafter) (Al-Ma'idah 5:33).

So the judge has the choice of the four punishments mentioned in this verse and may choose whichever he thinks is most suitable to attain the objective, which is to spread peace and security in society, and ward off evildoers and aggressors..................

Edited for by Dr Danial.

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Lawak Santai

Cerita 1

Pada suatu pagi, bertanya si isteri pada si suami

Isteri : Abang tengok jiran kita yg baru pindah tu?
Suami : Kenapa?
Isteri : Tiap pagi sebelum pergi kerja, suami dia akan cium isterinya. Bila pulang kerja, dia akan berikan isterinya sekuntum bunga mawar. Loving betullah mereka. Kenapa abang tak buat macam tu?
Suami : Nak mampus... Mana abang kenal isteri dia?

Cerita 2

Nak dijadikan cerita, suatu hari Pak Pandir melalui satu lorong yangkecik semasa hendak pulang ke rumahnye. Entah macam mana, di tengahperjalanannye tadi dia terjumpe seketul taik yang masih panas.
Tapi dia masih konpius sama ada betul ke bende yang dia jumpe tu seketul taik. Oleh kerana kemusykilan yang teramat sangat tu, Pak Pandir ambil keputusan untuk mengkaji sampel najis berkenaan.
Pak Pandir tengok ngan lebih dekat taik tersebut, lalu dia berkata, "Bentuk macam taik." Lepas tu dia pegang pulak taik tu, lalu dia berkata,lembik...macam taik."Lepas tu dia ambik sikit taik tu lalu dia hidu taiktu, lepas tu dia berkata, "Bau macam taik."
Oleh kerana Pak Pandir ni masih ragu-ragu dengan taik tu lalu dia pun mengambilkeputusan untuk menjilat sedikit taik tersebut. Sebaik sahaja diamenjilat taik berkenaan dia pun menjerit... "MEMANG TAIK! NASIB BAIKAKU TAK TERPIJAK!!!"
Cerita 3

Suatu hari sedang Ali minum teh di gerai Mamak yang biasa dikunjunginya, tiba-tiba Mamak gerai tersebut bersorak gembira danterus datang kepadanya.

Ali : Apa yang suka sangat Mamak ni?
Mamak : Saya bini juga surat India mari
Ali : Apa dia cakap? Tentu good news....
Mamak: Dalam dia punya surat ada cakap sudah beranak.New baby!Ayo....saya manyak suka ati la. Saya belanja awak free minum jugak!
Ali : Tahniah! Mamak. Ini kena balik India cepat ni?
Mamak : Ya la, saya sudah tiga tahun tarak balik
Ali : ???????????? ?

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Minyak-Pemimpin Bohong dan Tak Peduli

Harga Minyak Mungkin Naik Ogos : Shahrir, Kuala Lumpur – Menteri Perdagangan Dalam Negeri dan Hal Ehwal Pengguna, Datuk Shahrir Abdul Samad semalam membayangkan harga minyak petrol dan diesel akan naik mulai Ogos depan. “Ia akan berlaku, harga petrol akan naik, saya fikir mungkin dalam Ogos tahun ini apabila sistem subsidi diberi penstrukturan semula” katanya.

Begitulah petikan daripada halaman utama Sinar Harian yang boleh dibaca pada 3 Jun 2008, Selasa yang lalu. Ia seolah sebagai satu semboyan amaran kepada rakyat jelata bahawa mereka mesti bersiap sedia dalam jangka masa yang masih ada untuk menghadapi satu kenaikan harga minyak petrol dan diesel yang berkemungkinan agak besar. Ternyata respon yang diberikan rakyat pelbagai dan apa yang pasti masing-masing sudah pun mencongak-congak akan kesusahan dan keperitan yang akan mereka lalui kelak.

Namun, dengan tidak semena-mena pada tengahari 4 Jun 2008 pihak kerajaan telah mengumumkan kenaikan harga minyak petrol dan diesel masing-masing daripada RM1.92 kepada RM2.70 dan RM1.58 kepada RM2.58 berkuatkuasa serta merta iaitu selepas tengah malam 4 Jun 2008. Dengan erti kata lain pada 12.00 tengah malam 5 Jun 2008 harga minyak petrol dan diesel akan dijual mengikut harga baru dengan kenaikan RM0.78 sen dan RM1. Jika dengan pengumuman ini kerajaan berhasrat untuk memberi kejutan kepada rakyat, ternyata mereka telah berjaya!

Seakan tersentak dengan pengumuman itu, pada petang 4 Jun 2008 orang-ramai mula berpusu-pusu melimpahi stesen-stesen minyak di seluruh negara sebaik pulang dari pejabat masing-masing. Orang ramai seolah berada di dalam keadaan panik dalam keadaan masing-masing cuba untuk memenuhkan tangki minyak masing sebelum menjelang 12 tengah malam. Menjelang pukul 7 malam suasana sekitar stesen minyak di Bandar Baru Bangi sendiri seolah suatu pesta apabila kenderaan-kenderaan persendirian beratur menunggu giliran kira-kira hampir-hampir mencecah 2,3 kilometer panjangnya. Samada mereka sempat bersolat maghrib ataupun tidak, itu tidak dapat dipastikan kerana jika dilihat dari pandangan mata kasar, ia seolah suatu yang mustahil untuk dilaksanakan bilamana berada di dalam keadaan tersebut.Harapannya semoga mereka menunaikan kewajipan tersebut dan tidak menukarkan solat maghrib dengan harga minyak RM0.78 sen!

Respon tersebut memang sudah diduga daripada rakyat bawahan apabila berlakunya kenaikan harga minyak. Namun, apa yang menyebabkan kita berasa terkilan adalah apabila Shahrir Samad seolah cuba mempermain-mainkan rakyat berdasarkan kenyataan awalnya bahawa minyak mungkin akan dinaikkan pada bulan Ogos dan akhirnya perkara yang sebaliknya berlaku. Ya, kita faham Shahrir hanya membayangkan kenaikan tersebut hanya akan berlaku pada bulan Ogos dan dia sendiri tidak dapat menjaminnya tetapi dengan menaikkan harga minyak dan petrol sehari selepas dia menyatakan perkara sebaliknya di media massa, khalayak akan memandangnya sebagai seorang yang penipu a.k.a munafik-gelaran yang pernah diberikan kepada Abdullah Badawi apabila dia menafikan akan membubarkan parlimen pada hari sebelumnya tetapi berbuat perkara yang sebaliknya pada keesokkan harinya. Mungkinkah ini kita boleh istilahkan seperti kata bidalan “guru kencing berdiri, anak murid kencing berlari” ataupun “kepimpinan melalui tauladan”.

Berkata benar adalah sesuatu yang sangat penting terutama apabila seseorang itu bergelar pemimpin. Sebagai seorang menteri yang menjaga hal ehwal pengguna, sepatutnya pernyataan yang dikeluarkan oleh Shahrir akan lebih diyakini oleh rakyat kerana dia dianggap seorang yang berautoriti. Persoalannya selepas ini adakah rakyat akan terus yakin dengan Shahrir selaku sang menteri jika dia mengatakan kenaikan harga minyak ini tidak akan menjejaskan kehidupan rakyat dan kerajaan akan memantau sentiasa harga barangan keperluan di Malaysia? Tepuk dada tanya iman!

Daripada cakap-cakap yang didengari daripada rakyat marhean, ramai yang mengeluh mengatakan andai kata kerajaan tidak sabar-sabar lagi untuk menaikkan harga minyak hingga tidak dapat menunggu lebih lama, sekurang-kurangnya berilah jika tidak seminggu, cukuplah sehari dua untuk rakyat lebih bersedia dengan perkara ini. Bukan dibuat secara mengejut sehingga menimbulkan suasana panik dan gawat di kalangan masyarakat seolah kerajaan tidak pernah mengambil peduli hal rakyat terbanyak. Sayugia perkara ini hendaklah dibincangkan secara mendalam dengan kesatuan sekerja, NGO, pakar-pakar ekonomi dan perlu dibentangkan di parlimen agar satu mekanisme yang terbaik dapat dicapai andai kata kenaikan harga minyak dan petrol memang sangat-sangat tidak dapat dielakkan demi kepentingan semua pihak.

Dengan kenaikan harga minyak dan petrol yang cukup tinggi ini, tidak mustahil teori domino akan terus menjerut rakyat. Pesta kenaikan harga barangan serta perkhidmatan lain pasti akan menambahkan igauan ngeri buat rakyat marhean yang kian tersepit. Memetik kata-kata Presiden Kongres Kesatuan Pekerja-Pekerja Dalam Perkhidmatan Awam (CUEPACS), Omar Osman di dalam Utusan Online yang menyuarakan kebimbangannya terhadap kesan kenaikan harga petrol dan diesel itu yang akan memberi kesan buruk kepada kakitangan sektor awam yang berpendapatan rendah kerana mereka ini baru sahaja hendak menikmati keseimbangan pendapatan dengan kenaikan harga barang-barang keperluan namun dikejutkan pula denagn kenaikan harga petrol dan diesel. Ini secara tidak langsung akan menjejaskan produktiviti dan prestasi mereka di tempat kerja.

Pensyarah Ekonomi Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM), Haim Hilman Abdullah yang turut dipetik dari sumber yang sama menyifatkan kenaikan harga petrol dan diesel sebanyak 40 peratus itu adalah besar dan bakal menjejaskan sosioekonomi rakyat. Paling terkena tempias dengan kenaikan harga minyak ialah golongan berpendapatan rendah dan masyarakat luar bandar yang akan dibebani dengan kenaikan harga barang. Menurut Hilman lagi meskipun kerajaan akan memperkenalkan rebat tunai bahan api dibayar melalui sejumlah wang pos kepada pemilik kenderaan persendirian sebagai satu bentuk subsidi minyak tetapi insentif itu tidak akan dinikmati oleh golongan yang tidak memiliki kenderaan dan kerana itulah kenaikan harga minyak tidak boleh hanya berpandukan kepada penggunaan minyak dalam kenderaan sahaja.

Apapun kini kenaikan harga minyak dan petrol telah pun diumumkan dan menurut ramalan harga ini tidak mustahil akan dinaikkan lagi dalam masa yang tidak lama. Rakyat bawahan yang semakin gelisah dengan situasi sekarang akan menjadi bertambah tertekan dan terus tertekan. Kerajaan seharusnya segera memikirkan suatu pelan penyelesaian yang akan memberikan situasi menang-menang kepada semua pihak agar tiada orang yang akan merasa tertindas dan ditindas.

Andai perkara ini gagal ditangani secara bijak, jangan salahkan rakyat jika mereka sekali lagi turun ke jalan raya demi mempertahankan hak dan maruah mereka!

Siakap Senohong

Siakap senohong gelama ikan duri
Bercakap bohong memang dah jadi tabiat menteri
Apa diharap pada si anak Badawi
Kelak kita meyiksa diri

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Haram Jadah Of Celcom

KUALA LUMPUR : Celcom ( Malaysia ) Bhd menawarkan 100 unit Toyota Camry 2.0E 1AZ-FE kepada pelanggan pasca bayar dan pra bayarnya menerusi peraduan 'Celcom 100 Hari 100 Kereta' bermula hari ini.

i. Sebuah kereta akan diberi setiap hari selama 100 hari berturut-turut kepada pemenang peraduan berkenaan.
ii. Pelanggan perkhidmatan Celcom yang berminat menyertai peraduan itu hanya perlu menaip kata kunci CARS dan hantar melalui SMS ke nombor 22222. Promosi itu terbuka kepada pelanggan sedia ada dan baru Celcom.
iii. Pelanggan yang dapat menjawab 10 soalan dengan tepat serta mendapat mata paling banyak akan dipilih sebagai pemenang.
iv. Peserta dengan mata tertinggi juga berpeluang memenangi tambahan sebuah kereta Toyota Camry model sama pada hujung minggu.
v. Setiap SMS yang dihantar dikenakan RM5.
vi. Kempen itu berlangsung selama 100 hari bermula hari ini hingga 9 September ini. Pada masa ini, Celcom mempunyai 1.5 juta pelanggan pasca bayar dan 6.3 juta pelanggan pra bayar.
vii. Beliau berkata, promosi 100 hari itu bertujuan memberi ganjaran kepada pelanggan setia atas sokongan yang diberikan kepada syarikat berkenaan


Secara rasmi dan mudahnya, ia adalah peraduan yang haram di sisi Islam kerana perjudian. Semua Pesreta yang menghantara SMS terdedah kepada kerugian RM 50 (kerana mesti menjawab 10 seoalan terlebih dahulu, sedangkan satu sms = RM 5) atau untung sebuah kereta. Hanya seratus orang akan berjaya dari berjuta peserta. Syarikat pasti untung berbading peserta.

Peserta mungkin berkata

"Alah, apalah sangat dengan RM 5 .. redha sahaja"

Namun wajib diingati, pengharaman perjudian adalah hak Allah swt dan sebaranag kerdedhaan dalam perkara yang menjadi hak Allah adalah TERTOLAK dan redha dalam hal ini adalah redha dalam dosa dan maksiat. Ia menyebabkan satu dosa menjadi bertambah besar.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Di pentas indah itu
Seorang cendekiawan
Melangit ilmunya
Menggunung pengetahuannya
Berjela notanya
Panjang bicaranya

Nun di hadapan pentas
Hadirin lugu
Cetek pengalamannya
Tohor ilmunya
Memandang sepi
Mendengar lesu
Menongkat dagu

Antara pemberi dan penadah ilmu
Harus ada titik pertemuan
Yang bisa menyatukan..

Kompleks Kuliah Utama, Universiti Malaya
28 Mei 2008, 12.26 tengahari

Monday, May 26, 2008

Selamat Tinggal Pulau 'Puteh' Mata!!

Tuai padi antara masak
Esok jangan layu-layuan
Intai kami antara nampak
Esok jangan rindu-rinduan..

Keputusan penuh kes Pulau Batu Puteh :

Mentaliti Dunia Ketiga

”Malaysia Mempunyai Fasiliti Kelas Pertama Dengan Mentaliti Dunia Ketiga”. Aku pernah terbaca headline di atas di dalam sebuah akhbar arus perdana dulu. Aku terlupa yang mengucapkan pernyataan tersebut adalah menteri mana. Jika tidak silap mungkin Pak Lah ataupun Tun Dr Mahathir.

Namun yang pasti, bukanlah aku ingin membahaskan siapa yang mengucapkan pernyataan tersebut. Apa yang aku ingin kongsikan di sini adalah berkaitan diriku yang turut terjebak dengan masalah mentaliti dunia ketiga.

Sebagai sang tikus makmal, diriku sentiasa akan ”bermain-main” dengan segala jenis instrumen dan peralatan yang berkaitan dengan kajian yang dilakukan. Tidak dapat tidak, kadang-kadang instrumen yang perlu aku gunakan berada dalam keadaan rosak atau out of service. Inilah situasi yang paling aku tidak suka dan benci kerana ia bisa mengganggu segala perancangan dan perjalanan kajianku.

Di tempat aku melakukan kajian terdapat satu instrumen yang penting yang sangat perlu aku gunakan. Alat tersebut rosak bermula bulan Disember 2007. Sehinggalah kini 26 Mei 2008 alat tersebut baru dapat diperbaiki namun belum dapat dilakukan test lagi kerana operator yang menjaga alat tersebut agak sibuk. Cuba kita bayangkan, untuk membaiki kerosakan yang bagiku adalah cukup kecil pun mengambil masa hampir 5 bulan. Bagaimanakah bidang research kita hendak setanding dengan negara-negara maju? Usah kita pandang kepada negara-negara luar seperti United Kingdom dan Amerika Syarikat, dengan Singapura dan Thailand kita agak jauh ketinggalan terutama dalam bioteknologi dan nanoteknologi!!

Pernah, satu alat yang baru sahaja selesai dibaiki (setelah hampir 8 tahun rosak) dan cuba untuk dilakukan ujian, namun ujian yang dilakukan kurang berjaya. Puncanya? Kerana pengendali a.k.a operator telah terlupa kata laluan ke akaun Administrator di dalam komputer!! Aku terkesima dengan situasi ini. Apabila dicadangkan supaya diformat komputer, timbul lagi masalah. Tahukah apa masalahnya? Masalahnya CD installer software asal yang dibekalkan bersama-sama alat tersebut telah hilang kerana diletakkan bersepah-sepah sebelum alat tersebut diperbaiki. Mujurlah pembekal sanggup memberikan software baru untuk dipasang setelah komputer tersebut siap diformat.

Kemudian dipanjangkan cerita, komputer tersebut pun dihantar ke pusat komputer untuk diformat dan sehingga entry ini ditulis, proses memformat komputer yang cukup senang itu belum lagi selesai dan telah mengambil masa hampir 1 bulan. Ya, 30 hari untuk memformat satu CPU komputer!! Aku pun tidak pasti apa yang nak aku katakan. Apabila difollow up jawapan yang diberikan, ”Maaf, belum siap. Kami ada banyak komputer yang perlu diformat,”. Jadi, apa lagi yang boleh aku katakan.

Inilah sebahagian masalah mentaliti yang menyelubungi pengendali a.k.a operator instrumen di institut pengajian tinggi awam dan institut penyelidikan di Malaysia. Mereka memandang mudah kepada semua perkara tanpa melihat kepada batang tubuh researcher dan keadaan kajian yang sedang dijalankan. Apa nak hairan, tiap-tiap bulan gaji mesti masuk kan!!

Aku teringat perbualanku dengan seorang pelajar PHD dari Sudan, pensyarah di salah sebuah universiti di sana. Orangnya agak tinggi, berjambang dan berambut kerinting. Melihatnya, aku membayangkan seperti aku sedang berhadapan dengan Bilal bin Rabah radiallahuanhu, muazzin Rasullullah SAW yang cukup agung. Mungkin ciri-ciri fizikalnya sedikit sebanyak menyerupai Bilal.. =) Dia berkata dia banyak menderita dalam menjalankan kajian di Malaysia. Kerenah birokrasi, mentaliti, dan banyak lagi masalah-masalah yang beliau hadapi semasa menjalankan kajin di sini. Katanya, banyak masanya dihabiskan dengan menunggu. Menunggu alat rosak dibaik pulih, menunggu giliran menggunakan alat dan pelbagai perkara berkaitan masa yang membelenggunya. Dia kelihatan seolah agak kecewa dengan apa yang telah dilaluinya sepanjang berada di Malaysia. Jadi, kita boleh bayangkan apakah yang akan beliau ceritakan kepada kawan-kawannya apabila pulang ke Sudan kelak tentang research environment di Malaysia. Agak-agaknya positif ke negatif ye. Tanyalah hati dan minda masing-masing.

Kadang-kadang aku menjadi risau kalau-kalau virus mentaliti dunia ketiga menjangkiti diriku. Tapi rasanya macam dah kena.. =) Sebabnya sekarang aku macam jadi malas sedikit dan suka memberi alasan. Itu antara simptom-simtom terkena virus mentalti dunia ketiga tu. Ish, aku kena cepat-cepat update antivirus aku ni. Jangan biarkan virus tersebut bermaharajalela di dalam diriku.

Juga kepada kawan-kawan sekalian, segeralah update antivirus dirimu itu. Jangan biarkan dirimu diselubungi virus bahaya itu....

Medan Ilmu

Dedikasi buat penyumbang, penyampai dan saksi ilmu...

MUFC King Of Europe

Khamis lalu mencatatkan kenangan yang indah buat peminat pasukan Manchester United apabila pasukan ini berjaya menggondol Piala UCL, satu piala yang sangat diidam-idamkan oleh kelab-kelab eropah yang bergelar juara di liga masing-masing. Dengan memenangi piala ini bolehlah dikatakan sesebuah pasukan itu adalah RAJA di kalangan kelab-kelab terbaik eropah.

Kejuaraan kali ini telah memberikan Manchester United gelaran Eropah yang ketiga di mana harus diingat bahawa kali terakhir mereka memenangi piala ini adalah pada tahun 1999 di mana memori Treble Champions masih lagi segar di ingatan peminat fanatik Manchester United. Jika pada tahun 1999, nama-nama seperti Solkjaer, Beckham, Smeichel, Giggs, Sheringam adalah pemain-pemain yang dijulang sebagai wira, kali ini giliran pemain genearsi baru Rooney, Ronaldo, Tevez, Carrick dan lain-lain mengambil tempat meniti di bibir peminat Red Devils. Penampilan Scholes bersama-sama Giggs yang mana berjaya memecahkan rekod sepanjang zaman Bobby Charlton menambahkan lagi kemanisan kejuaraan Manchester United pada musim ini.

Apa yang pasti, pelaburan Alex Ferguson membawa masuk pemain-pemain baru seperti Owen Hargreaves, Nani dan Anderson adalah sangat berbaloi dan antara factor yang membantu memenangi dua kejuaraan utama pada musim ini ~ Barclays Premier League dan UCL. Walaupun ada suara-suara sumbang pada awalnya yang mempertikaikan pembelian Nani dan Anderson, namun Ferguson berjaya menutup mulut pengkritik-pengkritik tersebut dengan penampilan dan aksi yang ditampilkan oleh Nani dan Anderson.

Musim depan pasti akan memperlihatkan persaingan yang lebih sengit di mana pasukan-pasukan lain pasti akan cuba untuk menyaingi Manchester United. Namun, aku percaya Ferguson tidak akan duduk diam. Pasti ada sesuatu yang akan dilakukannya.

Apa-apa pun selaku peminat setia Red Devils, aku amat berbangga dengan kejayaan ini. Teruskan United!! Glory Glory Manchester United !!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mengapa Berblog?

Rupa-rupanya bidang blog ini juga menuntut kesabaran! Masakan tidak, baru tadi aku selesai menaip lebih kurang 3 perenggan entry baru, namun akibat tersilap teknik semasa save, entry tersebut terus hilang, lantas membazirkan masaku selama 15 minit yang aku gunakan untuk menaip entry tersebut. Ish, sabar je lah! Kang tak pasal-pasal ada yang berhenti terus berblog.. =)
Berbalik kepada soalan tadi mengapa berblog? Ini adalah soalan biasa ditanya kepada mereka yang berhasrat untuk berblog ataupun yang baru memasuki dunia blog. Jika ditanya kepadaku secara peribadi, bagiku blog merupakan satu medium untuk meluahkan apa yang tersimpan di minda dan hati.
Lagipun bagi diriku, "sang tikus makmal" yang duniaku hanyalah dinding konkrit empat segi dan menghambakan seluruh hariku di dalam makmal yang kadangkala menggembirakan (apabila eksperimen yang dibuat menjadi) dan kadangkala menyedihkan (banyak faktor, mungkin aku boleh kongsikan kemudian), dengan berblog aku boleh melepaskan segala tekanan dan faktor-faktor lain yang menghimpit dadaku. Kerna melalui penulisan kita mampu menyalurkan dan mempamerkan perasaan kita.
Jadi, aku harap ini akan menjadi titik permulaan yang baik kepada ku. Semoga terus menjadi motivasi kepadaku untuk terus menghabiskan saki-baki perjuangan di bumi Bangi yang indah ini.. =)
Don't give up! Go Kimone!

Selamat Datang Ke Dunia Blog!

Assalamualaikum wbt dan Salam Sejahtera,

Saya adalah Kimone Al-Kindi. Sedang cuba-cuba untuk melibatkan diri dalam dunia bloggers. Di sini saya ingin mengambil kesempatan untuk mengucapkan tahniah kepada diri saya sendiri kerana telah berjaya melibatkan diri dalam salah satu media yang cukup efektif dasawarsa ini. Tak Caye? Cube tanya Menteri Penerangan yang baru, Shabery Chik.. =)
Semoga terus istiqamah dalam berblog.
Go, go Kimone!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tentang Diriku

~ Mantan Talabun Maahad Muhammadi Lelaki, Jalan Pengkalan Chepa
~ Mantan PASUM
~ Mantan UKM
~ Masih Menuntut Di Universiti Kehidupan Marhaen
~ Sedang Mencari Makna Diri Di Sebalik Kebisuan Intuisi

Selamat berkenalan.

Sudi memperkenalkan dirimu pula ?


Tinta yang tercatit di blog ini adalah secebis perkongsian daripada diriku sendiri dan merupakan pandangan peribadi semata-mata dan tiada berkaitan dengan mana-mana pihak. Hakikatnya ia adalah hak milik mutlak Allah SWT yang memberikan keizinan dan kekuatan.

Jika ada yang diambil daripada sumber-sumber lain, daku akan sedaya upaya menyatakan sumbernya.

Apa yang baik, ambillah. Ianya dari Ilahi. Apa yang buruk jadikan sempadan. Ia sememangnya dari kelemahan diriku sendiri. Seeloknya diletakkan link ke blog ini untuk memudahkan rujukan.

Harap bersama-sama memanfaatkan dakwah melalui medium maya.
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